Michelle Oakman Psychotherapy in Bath and Bristol

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in the first session?

You may have a specific reason for wanting to consider starting counselling or psychotherapy or you may just feel dissatisfied. We can begin to unravel at your pace what has brought you to this first session, and how you wish to go forward. Some people choose a certain number of sessions. Others want to see how their sessions unfold over time.

During our first meeting we will also discuss our arrangements should you decide to go ahead. These are the regular time and day of future sessions,and the agreed fee.

How long will it take to start experiencing positive changes?

Psychotherapy is not a 'quick fix'. It does take time`to start recognising patterns of behaviour that have contributed to our feeling stuck, anxious or downright unhappy. However as trust grows in your sessions, it is possible to begin looking at why certain unhelpful ways of coping have developed.

If you decide shorter term work in counselling is your preferred option then we can focus on your goal, what you believe will enhance your quality of life.
Facing particular fears, and being with how that feels can release long held anxieties. In avoidance of such difficulties,tactics that cause more problems such as unsatisfactory relationships, sabotaging and risky behaviour may be used to provide distraction. Coming to terms with, and feeling more in control of what has been profoundly troubling can lead to a greater sense of wellbeing and feeling alive.

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